Welcome to PJ5/SP9FIH , PJ5/SP9FOW, PJ5/SP9MQA

FT8 confusion


We have feedback from few stations that on 17m strange callsigns appear (PJ5/SP9FIH and PJ5/SP6SOZ) when PJ5/SP9FOW should be the only one. Until now we did not find out what is the reason but be carefull what you are logging.






Tropical band - 60m

For the first week of our operation we will try to activate 60m band. For the second week plan is to change 60m to 40m two element vertical. So if you need 60m QSO look for us in first week.






Propagation to Japan

Our game field

We're on the way again

Be ready from 24th March 2022

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