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Sint Eustatius Island

Best one-man dxpedition 2018

best one man dxpedition 2018

















PJ5Z - best WPX Contest DXpedition 2018

PJ5Z - best WPX Contest DXpedition 2018




PJ5/SP2FUD      PJ5/SP2GCJ      PJ5/SP9FIH

operated from 12th until 27th March  2018 with CQ WPX SSB participation

QSL requests or OQRS received before 20th April 2018 were mailed in begining of May.










PJ5Z  will operate 20m during CQ WPX SSB Contest

We will try to give ATNO to as many as possible using SSB, CW, RTTY and FT8 (ver wsjtx-1.9.0-rc3/wsjtx_1.9.0-rc3 released -  it needs some changes as it is not working as we wished to. From  now we will use NORMAL FT8 version).

We have built 160m antenna for second week of operation....Here is its hairpin match and SWR picture:









View at our part of the island from hill on the north-west island's corner



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