Pack of turtles

Turtle callsign: PJ5/SP9FIH - SP9FIH
Name: Janusz Węgrzyn
Licensed: 1972
DXpeditions: SP9FIH/OH0, SP9FIH/OA4, FO0WEG, FO0POM, FO/SP9FIH, A35WE, 9N7WE (three times), PJ4/SP9FIH, VP2V/SP9FIH, VP2VAK, J79L, XX9TIH, ZA/ZA1P, E44WE (two times), HB0/SP9FIH.
Guest operator at: BY1QH
WPX SSB 2014 Contest Expedition World Winner Plaque (VP2VAK)
WW SSB 2014 Contest 10m – 5th in North America (J79L)
WPX SSB 2015 Contest 15m – 3rd in Asia (9N7WE)


Turtle callsign: PJ5/SP2FUD - SP2FUD
Name: Bogdan Mądry Licensed: 1972

DXpeditions: 3B8/SP2FUD (three times), VP2V/SP2FUD, J79F, 9N7FD (two times), XX9TUD, C5FUD (two times), ZA/ZA1P, HB0/SP2FUD

317 entities awarded by the DXCC
WPX SSB 2015 Contest All Bands - 1st Nepal (9N7FD)


Turtle callsign:  PJ5/SP2GCJ - SP2GCJ
Name: Zenek Trykowski Licensed: 1972

DXpeditions: C5GCJ (two times), 9N7ZT, HB0/SP2GCJ

337 entities awarded by the DXCC